Sale by auction

For properties requiring significant modernisation then sale by auction is the most suitable method of sale. The Hammer Price Homes online auction, which is completely free to the vendor (The buyer is charged a reservation fee on winning the auction) is transparent and in the majority of cases, the price achieved, exceeds local agent valuations, often significantly.

With the buyer paying a fee, this gains their commitment meaning it is unlikely that they will withdraw from the sale, in fact our completion rate is over 95%. Also a buyer cannot renegotiate on price, they are honoured to pay the winning auction price.

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Sale by private treaty

For properties is good condition then sale by private treaty is likely to be the most appropriate method of sale. We can handle the whole sales process for you and will work with local agents, on your behalf, ensuring that the property is adequately marketed and achieves the best price possible.

There won’t be any agency costs chargeable by us though the local agent will have their standard costs to pay.

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